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How Augmented Reality Will Make Surgery Safer

Some of the biggest medical advances of the last few decades have been in diagnostic imaging—ultrasonogaphy, mammography, computerized tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and so on. The same forces that have propelled technology developments elsewhere—tiny cameras, smaller and faster … Continue reading

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How artificial intelligence is changing the CIO’s role

The role of the Chief Information Officer has grown over the years. The disruptive potential of artificial intelligence, Internet of things and rapidly developing robotics technologies mean the role should become even high profile and strategic. CIOs at large enterprises … Continue reading

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Why Satya Nadella is rapidly becoming the poster boy for the CEO community

… For a company of this scale to embark on wholesale change is mind-blowing really, and they didn’t just change one part of the business – they have transformed from the core engineering strategy all the way up to their partner … Continue reading

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