Understand your data to reap the benefits of the cloud by Sergio Ortega Cruz

Today, the cloud discussion evolves around the question, “What value will it produce for me? What can I put there?”

With IT budgets under pressure and greater volumes of data being generated every day, governments cannot afford to pass up the economy offered by the public cloud.

To some, the idea of a “public” platform conflicts with the requirements that information be kept confidential.

Just about every agency, no matter how sensitive its mission, has public information that it is required to hold and make available, such as administrative records and material on their public websites. Although PII contained in some information can make it sensitive, data often can be anonymized, making it suitable for an economical cloud solution.

Source: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/government/blogs/understand-your-data-to-reap-the-benefits-of-the-cloud/default.aspx#fbid=c8BNAGBsgfI


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