Ideas for Helping Remote Colleagues Bond by Kuty Shalev

Research consistently shows that remote employees tend to feel excluded from the company culture.

Of all the methods we tried to bring scattered workers together, here are the two strategies that brought us the most success in terms of increasing engagement:

Generate structured conversations around shared content.

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Each car in this automatic parking garage can be retrieved in 2 minutes

Each car in this automatic parking garage can be retrieved in 2 minutes


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Digital transformation is much more than a technical change; it is also a cultural and procedural change that organisations embrace.
Ownership of digital efforts is expanding to the C-suite and cross-functional groups that encapsulate a broad view of the organization.

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7 + 1 Myths and Realities of working from home

7 + 1 Myths and Realities of working from home by Andreas Garantziotis
Over the years there were lots I heard from people regarding working from home. So after 18 months, here’s a recollection of my experiences regarding myths and realities of a 100% home based office.

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The GPS wars have begun

Countries around the world, including China, Japan, India and the United Kingdom plus the European Union are exploring, testing and deploying satellites to build out their own positioning capabilities.

That’s a massive change for the United States, which for decades has had a practical monopoly on determining the location of objects through its Global Positioning System(GPS), a military service of the Air Force built during the Cold War that has allowed commercial uses since mid-2000 (for a short history of GPS, check out this article, or for the comprehensive history, here’s the book-length treatment)…

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Blockchain to improve Australian government efficiency by centralising databases

Government departments the country over manage thousands of databases. A lot of it is our private information. Governments do not have an enviable track record at keeping information private, let alone up to date. Yes, governments are trying new ways to innovate. However, stories of breaches and errors are increasingly making the news here and abroad
To tackle the problem of widely dispersed, incomplete databases, the Australian government is rolling out Govpass. Over the next year, as many as eight high-volume government services will pilot the digital identity system. It will involve more than 500,000 Australians. Once fully rolled out, it will be safer and easier than ever before for Australians to prove who they are when dealing with the government.

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Corporate Christmas cards under threat from new EU data protection rules

Corporate Christmas cards are under threat because new EU data protection rules mean that companies need permission to send seasonal greetings via email
The Institute for Chartered Accountants in England and Wales has told its members that the cards can only be sent without the recipient’s consent “if you can justify that you have a legitimate reason to do so”.

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