The public sector gets serious about customer experience (McKinsey Quarterly)

Customer experience (CX) is getting more important everywhere—including in government. Citizens are accustomed to the experiences offered by companies from Amazon to Zillow and now want the same from governments. In this survey, we look at how the public sector is faring in a challenging environment. There are plenty of lessons here for private-sector leaders, too.

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Mark Zuckerberg & Yuval Harari in Conversation

Mark Zuckerberg hosts Yuval Noah Harari for a frank conversation about some big challenges – as part of the Facebook CEO’s 2019 series of public
discussions about the future of technology in society.
The overarching question they debate is: what are we going to do about the systemic problems of the current
technological revolution

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Short-term pain for long-term gain: The new CEO’s dilemma

New CEOs often hear two conflicting messages: first, get out of the gate quickly because your honeymoon will be short and you need to show results; second, play for the long haul. Can you do both? The answer is yes, but it’s hard, and the results can be bittersweet

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Sales Teams Aren’t Great at Forecasting. Here’s How to Fix That

Though AI and other advanced technologies have been applied to improve forecasting accuracy, sales leaders still get blindsided by forecasts that turn out to be embarrassingly overinflated. That’s because the root causes of most inaccuracies are not faulty algorithms but all-too-human behavior.

Here are five of the most harmful such behaviors…

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Why Investment Managers Are Bullish About AI, ML And RPA

Technology analysts envision AI, ML and RPA becoming increasingly interwoven. Together, these technologies have the potential to change investment operations and the ways in which work gets done.
Firms stand to benefit from these evolving technologies. The following are some examples of how they can apply to investment firms:

Fraud Detection



Risk Management

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Artificial Intelligence Brings Out the Worst and the Best in Us

He said he was “quite worried” about AI’s dark, dystopian possibilities, despite its great potential for good. The better AI becomes at making decisions, the less we’ll need human judgment — and that, he suggested, will threaten the power structure in organizations. Leaders won’t like that, so they’ll resist adopting the technology for their biggest, most important decisions.

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A meteor exploded in the Earth’s atmosphere with 10 times the energy of the Hiroshima atomic bomb

While you were living your life on December 18th, 2018, a giant space rock exploded 16 miles above the Earth’s surface, giving off 10 times the energy of the atomic bomb detonated over Hiroshima.

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